5 Dog Nutrition Articles To Make You Think

Here's something to get you thinking – our 5 hand-picked articles on the prickly topic of dog nutrition. We're looking at premium dog food, raw food, fish and even the role that water plays in your dog's diet.

1. What you should know about premium quality dog food (is it worth the money or an expensive marketing trick?)

Read: http://www.dogtips.co/premiumfood

2. Raw dog food and the link to bad behaviour – could feeding a raw diet have an impact on the way your dog behaves?

Read: http://www.dogtips.co/raw

3. Is fish a good diet for dogs? We tend to associate fish as a food more fancied by felines, but could it be the secret to giving your dog a longer life?

Read: http://www.dogtips.co/fish

4. Is fasting safe for dogs? We often hear that fasting once in a while is healthy and helps clear the body of toxins, but is the same true for dogs?

Read: http://www.dogtips.co/fasting

5. The importance of water in your dog's diet. Water plays a crucial role in your dog's health, this article explains more.

Read: http://www.dogtips.co/water


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