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5 Tips That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

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Lemmings have a reputation for throwing themselves off cliffs. I have no idea if this is actually true, but I do know there are a few dogs out there who seem to have a desire to cause harm to themselves in one way or another. Here’s 5 short tips that could potentially save your dog’s life. 

1. Know the normal temperature for a dog

As responsible dog owners, understanding the normal temperature for dogs is as vital as being able to detect if your dog is showing any other signs of illness or injury. Vets and indeed doctors.[sws_yellow_box box_size=”665″]

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Let’s get straight to it shall we, the normal resting temperature for a dog is between 101 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit. If your dog is showing the tell tale signs of high temperature / fever – which would include symptoms such as: 

– Panting
– Heavy breathing
– Lethargy
– Exterior heat 

then you must enable the dog to be seen, quickly, by a vet. 

2. Recognise the symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Diabetes is an increasingly worrying canine killer. Learn to spot the signs, save your dog’s life – it’s that simple! 

3. Teach your dog to come back

Without doubt one of the biggest dog training challenges owners face is teaching their dog a perfect recall. An ability to call your dog back in any situation is not an optional choice, it’s a stone cold necessity and potential life saver. 

4. Dog illness symptoms checker

Check your dog for the symptoms of any number of dog health problems. Early attention is always better than remedial action. 

5. Proper dog nutrition

Your dog’s diet is incredibly important. Feeding your dog the wrong food can have a very high impact on their health. Learning about proper dog nutrition is one of the best time investments you could ever make as you seek to raise a happy, healthy canine pal.

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