5 Videos of Patterdale Terriers Being Cool

It’s no secret that K9 Magazine has a real (REAL) soft spot for Patterdale Terriers. There’s just something about them that makes us smile. Little packages of pure fire and brimstone with a healthy dose of the funny thrown in for good measure. 

Here’s 5 videos of Patterdale Terriers being cool…. 

Talking Patterdale Puppies 


Patterdale Terrier Overcomes the Odds Against Two Border Terriers 


Patterdale Terrier vs Plantpot 


Patterdale Aces Agility Course 


Fast Learning Patterdale Terrier 


Reckon there’s a dog breed out there cooler than the Patterdale? Well we’d: A) first like to challenge you to a duel at dawn and/or B) would be happy/willing to hear your case for a cooler breed (use the comments form below).

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