9 Common Words Used in Dog Training

Most of us know that dogs don’t actually understand language! I know, shocking right? Especially when you read stories about how someone gets a dog from France and it is ‘incapable of understanding English’. Well, most people realise that all ‘foreigners’ can understand English, it’s a simple matter of shouting the words LOUDLY and SLOWLY in a patronising voice, any way – I digress – here’s 9 common words in the dog training vocabulary….


1. Bait: A treat used to get your dog to give you his attention. 

2. Collars: Collars are, believe it or not, quite a controversial subject – so let’s just leave the definition as ‘something that goes around the dog’s neck and is often attached to a lead’ 

3. Cord or Long line: A piece of cotton or nylon cord, very lightweight and small in diameter (in relation to the size of your puppy or dog) with a snap at one end and a handle at the other. 

4. Correction: A physical or verbal restraint to the dog. Something that the dog does not like. Something negative / not positive. 

5. Free: Without restraint. 

6. Leash or Lead: A leash is normally six-foot or thereabouts leather line with a handle at one end and a snap at the other. It should be small enough in width to comfortably fit in your hand. 

7. Praise: Positive physical or verbal reassurance to reward your dog. 

8. Reward: An edible treat or tossable toy. 

9. Show leash or Show lead: A lightweight lead. This type of leash comes in different materials, fabrics and lengths. Some show leashes have built-in collars while some are to be attached to separate collars.

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