Did Ozzy Osbourne REALLY Buy a Puppy at an Auction?

According to an article from the Times of India, former Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne spent $10,000 buying a puppy from, wait for it…..an auction!

Is this where we’ve arrived at?

Not only do we still have the highly unsavoury sight of pups being sold in pet shops, now they’re being auctioned?

Come on now, if YOU were a breeder, would you be happy for your pup to be ‘auctioned off’?

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne bought his wife Sharon an expensive Yorkshire Terrier dog at an auction in Los Angeles spending 10,000 dollars for the pup.

Osbourne, 62, was attending the Annual Design Care event with wife Sharon to support her pal Holly Robinson Peete’s charity foundation, Contactmusic reported. 

The singer spotted dog-loving Sharon admiring an eight-week old pup, and started to bid with fellow attendees in order to win her the cute pet.

What’s your view?


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