Dog Dental Care: An Expert Guide to Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth

What goes on in your dog’s mouth has a profound effect on how happy and healthy they feel all over.

We know this. We know it from our own experience. Problems with our teeth can cause us great anguish, discomfort, pain and generally have us feeling miserable.

In many way, it’s worse for dogs.

Their mouth is not just used for eating. They chew, play and generally use it in much the same way we use our hands.

So our pals over at K9 Magazine have teamed up with Pedigree to produce an expert guide to dog dental care.

Did you know that:

According to an independent scientific study published in the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry in 2013, scientists developed a ‘clean mouth’ test model where they divided 60 dogs into two groups of 30 and daily dental chews were given to one group of dogs daily for 28 days.

Well, now you do.

You can learn more – here.

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