Dogs Greeting Soldiers [Best Videos]

We all know why we love our dogs so much.

The wet nose. The wagging tail. The unconditional affection. The fact that you can come home steaming drunk at 02:00 in the morning and not be judged, in fact just the opposite, to be greeted by the waggiest of tails and the happiest of welcomes.

Well videos of dogs greeting soldiers have become somewhat of an online sensation. The epitome of everything that's great about dog ownership.

Here are our pick of the best videos of dogs greeting soldiers:

1. Dog Welcomes Home Soldier…Again

2. Emmitt Thunderpaws Welcomes Home His Military Dad!

3. Soldier Reunion Dog Crying

4. Soldier and Man's Best Friend

5. Puppy Welcomes Home Soldier Daddy from Iraq After 4 Months

If videos of dogs greeting soldiers isn't enough smile overload for one day, how about dogs who don't think they're dogs?

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