Funniest Dog Videos 2011

We're in December and you're about to be bombarded with end of year lists and round ups.

We thought we'd get in early with our submission for the funniest dog videos of 2011…

1. Ultimate Tease

Won't be long before this video hits 100m views. At the time of writing more than 75m people have watched this video of a dog reacting to the ultimate tease.

2. Denver The Guilty Dog

Can dogs feel guilt? Perhaps not. But they can certainly display body language that makes us think they can!

3. Talking Dog Has A Message

This famous talking dog has a message for you.

4. 'Jesus Christ' Fenton Makes Channel 4 News

Fenton became an online sensation in November 2011. He made it to several news sources around the world. If you haven't yet found out why, watch…

5. Two Dogs Dining

Two dogs eating, what's so funny about that? Well, this video isn't your ordinary dog dining experience.

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