Got a Spare £8k to Help Cavaliers? (It’s not for health btw, it’s for PR)

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels are a breed in the spotlight at the moment.

For those who didn’t see Pedigree Dogs Exposed and managed to evade any of the subsequent media coverage and debate, the documentary brought to national attention a terrible state of affairs affecting the breed.

Here’s a brief summary.

Cavaliers suffer with a terrible inherited disease called Syringomyelia (SM). A truly horrifying condition that causes the dog excruciating pain. Pedigree Dogs Exposed showed Cavaliers who were suffering with the illness.

The documentary also showed a Cavalier exhibitor running a dog in a show who was a carrier of this condition. In fact, this particular dog in question had been used at stud even though his owner knew he was a SM carrier.

The documentary showed Cavalier breed ‘supporters’ – basically – harranging the documentary makers once they had discovered that the makers of the film had exposed the SM carrying dog’s owner to have KNOWN about her dog’s status despite claims to the contrary. The documentary showed a breed in trouble and a highly unsavoury element of its supposed supporters.

However, one Cavalier enthusiast shone through.

Margaret Carter stepped forward and revealed what was happening to her much loved breed. An avid Cavalier health campaigner, Margaret’s words should have stirred support from within the Cavalier breed community and galvanised a fight to help the breed out of its current predicament.

But, alas, no.

Instead the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club voted to EXPEL Margaret from their committee. Inexplicable behaviour which drew condemnation from the Kennel Club and the dog loving community at large.

So, no getting away from it – a breed in trouble and much of the blame lies with those who don’t know the difference between doing what’s right for the breed and what’s right for their own ludicrous egos.

So today it comes as somewhat of surprise to learn that there is an attempt underway to drum up £8,000 for PR SERVICES from those involved in the breed!

cavalier king charles puppy Got a Spare £8k to Help Cavaliers? (It's not for health btw, it's for PR)

Yes, you read that correctly. £8,000 NOT for a health initiative – £8,000 for hiring an expensive PR professional.

An incredible email – seen by K9 Magazine – highlights an outrageous lack of perspective and self interest as support is drummed up for Cavalier lovers to put their hands in their pocket and find the cash for this PR guru to come in and paint a different picture of what’s happening with the breed.

The amazing thing, even Max Clifford himself (a former K9 Magazine interviewee) understands that a genie can not be put BACK IN to a bottle once it’s been released. The world’s most prestigious PR person would surely understand that dog breed health is nothing to do with PR, it’s to do with reality. It’s to do with having good, honest people on side who truly care for the breed and want to put right the wrongs. This is not a time for window dressing.

If there’s a spare £8k splashing about within the Cavalier community, here’s a tip – spend it where it’s needed: ON THE HEALTH OF THE BREED.

But at least if we start seeing some unusually positive coverage of Cavaliers, hinting that Pedigree Dogs Exposed was nothing more than ‘tabloid TV made by a meanie with a vendetta against pedigree dogs’ – well at least we’ll all know where it’s come from.

You really do have to worry about a breed if those who are supposed to be its guardians are reaching for the chequebook for an image makeover rather than putting their money where it’s most needed.


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