RSPCA Warns Government on Dangerous Dog False Promises

The RSPCA has appealed for the coalition Government to take firm action on irresponsible pet owners as MPs prepare to take part in a fresh parliamentary debate on ‘dangerous’ dogs.

Politicians will gather in Westminster Hall tomorrow morning (Wednesday) to discuss the regulation of dangerous dogs as part of an adjournment debate called by Geoffrey Robinson, Labour MP for Coventry North West.

However, the RSPCA has appealed to MPs not to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the nation’s dog population and instead focus their attention on irresponsible owners. 

Claire Robinson, the RSPCA’s government relations manager, said: “This debate is about so-called ‘dangerous’ dogs, but the issue is much wider. If we don’t change the laws, then owners can still harm their dogs, train them to fight, encourage them to bite. We’ll still have huge numbers of injuries, to both people and pets. We’ll still have thousands of strays, and thus thousands euthanised. And the cost to the public will remain well over £70 million a year.

“Our appeal for improved legislation is nothing new. The coalition government itself even stated after the General Election that it would ‘…promote responsible pet ownership…and will ensure that enforcement agencies target irresponsible owners of dangerous dogs.’

“The Government pledged to do something about this – we need them to prove that statement was not a false promise.”

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