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London Dog Lovers Launch New Dog Treats Range

Introducing Saucy Paws – Pets have never had it so good!

Once upon a time, two pet lovers from London decided to create a whole new world of fun and adventure for pet owners and their animals. They set up a new exciting brand called Saucy Paws with one objective – to help all pets become “super pets”.

After researching the pet food market in detail, it became clear that most of the products available were dominated by large corporations whose products and brand messages and all seemed similar. The solution was simple – pets and their owners deserved more!

From this idea, a superhero was born in the form of Diana Paws. The concept was clear – in the eyes of the pet, the owner is a superhero but perhaps they have not yet realised it! This is why Diana Paws was created, as she represents the owners’ role in their pet’s life.

The first product to be released was Diana Paws’ Pocket Super Treats for dogs. These fresh and delicious premium goodies were baked by experts who for the last 50 years, had a reputation for the finest pet biscuits. Saucy Paws Pocket Super Treats came in pocket-sized packs – ideal for pet owners to take with them when out with their dog, and conveniently avoided unwanted crumbs in the owner’s pocket or bag.

Through the Saucy Paws website pet owners could purchase the product directly and follow Diana Paws’ cartoon strip adventures, as well as connect with other pet owners through the Saucy Paws social network, Pawsnet.

Many more exciting products will be launched soon for both cats and dogs. Saucy Paws brings pet owners and pets closer together, living happily ever after. The adventure continues…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kathy Ross

    December 10, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    What a good idea to have social website and treats product linked. I can imagine a social network of dog owners living in local areas, some of whom would welcome company walking and exercising their dogs, or just being in touch etc.
    Great way to meet like minded people. One gets to know a lot about a person by the way their pet reacts to them! Well done, and website Pawsnet, which I saw today for the first time is very innovative. Great initiative. Looking forward to trying the product Saucy paws treats, which sounds great and is quite competitively priced.

    Good luck in the endeavour. I always admire initiative.

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