Socialise Your Puppy Or Suffer The Consequences!

Early puppy socialization is regularly mentioned as one of THE most important things any new dog owner can do in order to set their pet up for a lifetime of positive behaviour. Or, let's look at it the other way round, a lack of early socialization could very well be one of the single biggest contributors for some of the bad dog behaviour we so often see when we take our dogs out and about (come on, you KNOW what I'm talking about here!).

The dog owner who shouts as their dog runs off to chase something, someone.

The dog owner who can't understand why their dog always seems to get in to fights.

The dog owner who struggles to recognise when other dogs (and their owners) are trying to avoid and evacuate from problem spots without resorting to rudeness.

If you're interested in learning more about puppy socialisation – check this article out.

Or how about you give us your thoughts on this statement/claim/opinion/not-a-fact-but-a-view: At LEAST HALF of the dogs being taking out in to public places today are NOT properly socialised.


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