Spot The Signs of Canine Diabetes, Save Your Dog’s Life

If you have a dog that suddenly develops a higher than normal thirst level or urination, it's important to keep a close eye for signs of diabetes.

Many people are unaware that diabetes in dogs is a serious and potentially fatal disease, but it can be prevented if the symptoms are recognised early.

Excessive drinking and urination are two of the first signs to be aware of.

Even the colour of the dog's urine can offer a tell tale sign as a symptom of diabetes mellitus and canine diabetes insipidus.

Sudden urination in the house should be referred to a vet for closer inspection.

Diabetes can be more common in older dogs and often this new habit of suddenly urinating in the house can lead owners to mistakenly believe the dog is simply showing signs of old age.

In actual fact, the onset of urination in the house can be a result of the dog drinking more, which in turn can be a symptom of canine diabetes itself.

Dogs suffering with diabetes can be prone to becoming dehydrated, particularly in hot weather.

Spotting The Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs:

– Sudden weight gain
– Sudden excessive thirst
– Increase in panting and wanting to go outside to urinate

These three common diabetes pointers can be harmless, symptoms of nothing more than ageing. But if it is an early pre-curson to diabetes, spotting it early and getting it treated can very well save your dog's life.

K9 Magazine's Ryan O'Meara:

"Diabetes is killing more dogs than it should. Knowing how to spot the signs and working to ensure your dog's diet and weight are properly matched to their age, breed and lifestyle is something well worth talking to your vet about."

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